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1968 - British Pathé

youtube-JWx2cac3GDs-535ae07f07a60.jpg Thumbnails1975 Fast Cats and Phantoms

No title. Power boat race starting on River Thames, London. The race goes from Putney to Calais and then back to Putney.

Various shots power boats coming along Thames. Aerial shots chimney of Battersea Power Station. Aerial shot helicopter flying over Houses of Parliament. Aerial shot boats coming past Houses of Parliament. L/S ditto. More shots boats coming down river. The boats coming under Tower Bridge. More shots of boats speeding down river. The boats gather speed after leaving restricted area and driving out to sea. Aerial shot leading boats. Nearer shot leading boat. L/S broken down speed boat at edge of river, the drivers are trying to repair it. L/S broken down boat being towed in. Panning shot as the winner, Ken Horseman in "Vertigo Two" crosses finish line.
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