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Fast Boats Hard Water

Vintage Offshore Power Boat Racing Documentary. Brilliant helicopter footage from Guernsey, Channel Islands, Monaco and Key West in Florida. Featured in this programme is the tragic death of Stefano Casiraghi on Oct 3rd 1990. It was of the coast of Monaco that four-foot waves caused Casiraghi's 42-foot catamaran, Pinot di Pinot, to flip whilst traveling at speeds of over 90 mph. It did not have a full racing air fighter style canopies. It's believed that Casiraghi would have survived the accident had the boat been equipped with them, a factor that 'Fast Boats Hard Water explored. As a result of his death, safety laws became more stringent and safety harnesses and closed canopies became compulsory. Drivers in this episode include Steve Curtis, Eduardo Poli, Fabio Buzzi, Andreas Ugland and F1Racing driver Derick Warwick who gets taken for a spin in Bagutta off the Channel Island of Guernsey.