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Virgin Atlantic Challenger II - the film

Did we really cross the Atlantic in this boat? 27 years after we broke the record for the fastest crossing of the North Atlantic the original Virgin Atlantic Challenger II crew got together in Plymouth to take it for a spin.

Watch the video above for a trip down memory lane with classic footage of the 1986 record breaking ride, then hurtle right up to speed with views from our journey last week.

After Dan Stevens found the abandoned boat and restored it, we travelled from Plymouth to Fowey and back on a beautiful day on the coast. Thanks again to everyone who came out to support us and share in the spirit of adventure.

I would encourage anybody to push themselves to the limit and challenges like this certainly do that. Doing things that are exciting and taking risks is very important in business and just as important in life.

What is the one big challenge you want to take on in your lifetime? Let us know on Twitter @Virgin.